This course is to provide individuals with the skills and information needed to defend themselves in a variety of events. It will also cover security measures that can be installed or used around the home. During this class you will participate in one or more reality-based scenarios. The course will start with dry runs then move on to force on paper and end with a culmination exercise with real people. This course does not use live weapons or ammunition. Students will be using marking training projectiles TOPICS COVERED * Conventional security measures: doors, windows, locks, lights, and alarm systems * Basic use of cover and concealment and when defending the home * Home defense drills: outside the home, at the door, at the breach, and in the house * Students will then practice skills and drills to deal with a wide variety of situations focusing on defending the home and loved ones against a variety of threats.

Cost: $300.00
Date: 9/25/22
Time: 8:00AM to  12:00PM
Location: Trinity Training Complex


* Training Pistol (Included with class)
* Training ammunition (100 rounds included with class)
* Eye protection*
* Hearing protection*
* Range Appropriate Clothing (T-shirt/hoodie and long pants with closed-toe shoes)
* Note taking material (Notebook or electronic device)
*available onsite for purchase.

Cost: $300 per person

Length of class: 4 hours

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