Low-Light Pistol
October 14th, 2023
Westhampton Beach, NY


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Low-Light Pistol
12:00PM – 8:00PM
Cost: $300 per person


1040 N Perimeter Rd, Westhampton Beach, New York, 11978



Availability: 18 in stock

Low-Light Pistol 

Open to all skill levels.
This course covers the essentials of light selection, weapon mounted or hand held and techniques with using them while shooting. The class will also cover how to use it for searching, navigation and target identification. We will go over the  fine-tune your fundamentals and mechanics to be a more efficient/accurate shooter.  You will use your newfound skills in performance based drills and the end of the day go head to head with other students and vie for Top Shot.

Required Equipment

  • Hand-held flashlight and/or weapon mounted light
  • Extra batteries
  • Semi-Auto Pistol
  • 3+ magazines
  • Quality holster (Serpa and or universal fit holsters are not permitted)
  • Quality belt (belt must pass through belt loops of pants, 2-layer competition style belt or duty-belt with belt keepers)
  • Individual First Aid Kit including Tourniquet
  • Eye Protection with side protection
  • Hearing Protection (electronic recommended)
  • Tactical/Shooting Gloves (optional but recommended)
  • Weather appropriate clothing

500 rounds minimum

Sign and bring the waiver to class Waiver

If you have any questions please email Chris@TrinityTrainingComplex.com
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