Blade Development
Pig Cut
November 18th, 2023


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Blade Development / Pig Cut
10:00aM – 4:00PM
Cost: $350 per person


484 Sharrotts Rd, Staten Island, New York, 10309



Availability: 18 in stock

Blade Development / Pig Cut

Open to all skill levels.

Unlock the ancient and modern secrets of edged tools in this comprehensive class led by an industry expert. Gain an unparalleled understanding of knife mechanics, combat techniques, and the fundamentals of carrying and retaining your edged tools for defense.

Course Highlights:

  • Instructor Introduction: Meet your expert guide and set the tone with a mindset talk.
  • Historical Context: Explore the millennia-long history of edged tools and their use in combat.
  • Knife Showcase: Familiarize yourself with an array of knives, varying in design and utility.
  • Basic Techniques: Learn the three essential slashing motions and the fundamental thrusting techniques—number one, two, and three.
  • Anatomy Overview: Delve into the timers and switches of the human anatomy, understanding where and how to strike for maximum impact.
  • Grip Styles & Folds: Discover the optimal folds for axes and knives, and practice forward and reverse grip holds.
  • Force Dynamics: Engage in a focused discussion on the principles of kinetic, transferring, angular, and linear forces in blade strikes.
  • Advanced Defensive Techniques: Master the skills of tapping, slipping, and passing attacking edged tools.
  • Tool Carriage & Retention: Understand where, when, and why to carry your edged tool, along with techniques for retaining it during physical confrontations.
  • Debrief: Reflect on your learning journey and clarify any remaining questions during a final debrief session.

Required Gear: Participants are advised to bring a change of clothes, hat, and glasses for the practical sessions.

Join us for an immersive experience that transcends mere skill acquisition, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to wield edged tools effectively and responsibly.

If you have any questions please email Admin@TrinityTrainingComplex.com
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